Raffi's Wushu Bio Page

Raffi's Wushu Bio

My longtime amigo Patrick Lee got me into Wushu back in our freshman year at UC Berkeley. I've loved it ever since, I may not be that good at it, but I train hard and I find I am constantly improving.

Here's some info about my training in Wushu (try clicking on the links).

NEWSFLASH! Yes! Summer of '99 I finally went to China! I spent the month of June training with the Beijing Wushu team, mainly focussing on Xing Yi Quan and the Three Section Staff.
Training Experience:
Started Wushu: February 1993
I have learned from a lot of people, the people listed here have coached me for an extended period of time or in some depth, I have also learned sets, gone to seminars, or gotten help from many other athletes and coaches, but they aren't listed here.
Zhang Hong Mei
Phillip Wong
Lou Da Cheng
Christopher Pei
Bryant Fong
Styles Practiced:
Click on the links below to see an animated gif of the form.
Empty Hand:
Chang Quan(Long Fist):
International Compulsory Routine
Individual Routine
Lien Bu Quan(Continuous Striking Fist Traditional):Basic Set
Nan Quan(Southern Fist): International Compulsory Routine
Xing Yi Quan(Mind and Form Fist):
Lien Huan Quan
Ba Shi Quan
Weapons Forms:
Broadsword(Chinese Saber):
International Compulsory Routine
Individual Basic Form
Spear: International Compulsory Routine
3-Section Staff
9-section Whip Chain
Straight Sword

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