Action Cam Pictures

This page is devoted to the awesomest camera in the world, the 4X Action CAM. The pictures you see below were taken by me using this unique device. Hopefully I'll have the opportunity to take lots more Action CAM shots in the future, be sure to check back periodically.
(1/25/04) - In case you haven't noticed, I haven't updated this page in 4+ years. Its a case of technology moving on. With the advent of broadband and digital cameras, the Action cam has become somewhat obsolete I'm afraid. But this page will continue - Long live the Action CAM!

What is the Action Cam?

This is how pictures taken with the action cam look. There are four sequential shots on one piece of film. I added numbers to the pictures here to show the proper order.

[4x Action Cam shot of a
jumping side kick]
This is a shot taken at a demo the Cal Wushu Team was doing in Oakland Chinatown in August 1996. Patrick is caught in the middle of a jumping side kick.

I have reformatted the following pictures in a vertical format in order to enhance the action:

[Brandon clocks Luke!]
Brandon gets fed up with Luke.
[Joe breaks a rock!!]
Joe demonstrates his tremendous internal power.

Here they are animated! This is the real cool thing to do with the Action Cam. I took the sequential shots and made them into animated gifs!

Another Brandon vs. Luke match up. Oh oh, Luke loses again!

[Joe breaks a rock with his bare
Joe breaking a rock with his bare hands in real time.

[Eric projects his chi at
Eric Yeh doesn't even need to touch his foes to hurt them, his chi is that powerful.

Beijing Wushu Team Action Cam Shots

[Flying Crotch!]
Ka Li demonstrates the flying crotch manuever at the Beijing Wushu Team performance in '95. (Note: this sequence wasn't actually taken with the ActionCAM, it was taken by Robert Wong with a regular camera doing rapid fire shots).

[Li Jing goes
buck wild w/ the straightsword, Kong Xiang Dong is hardly moving in
comparison!] [Lu Qing Hua
practicing a new sword combo!] These two shots were taken in 1998 when I was in LA visiting the Beijing Team. They were working out and Lu Qing Hua was trying some new straightsword moves. Li Jing decided to demonstrate some moves too. If those weren't hard enough to figure out, take a look at Kong Xiang Dong in the background.

Brandon demonstrates the fact that he is a master of hard chi in addition to soft chi.

Using his invincible Iron Palm, Joe takes out a section of the cliff here at the national shoreline park. Don't let the rangers see this one!

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