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China & the Beijing Wushu Team
History of the Beijing Wushu Team
  Some background on the team(4/10/02)
Beijing Wushu Team '95
  China's Best Wushu Team in the US
Beijing Wushu Team '98
  Photoessay about hanging with the team!
Beijing Wushu Team '99
  Photoessays of Their '99 Visit
Beijing Wushu Team in US
Air China Article

  Chinese magazine article about their
  '99 visit to the US (6/26/99)

My Summer in Beijing '99
  My trip to train in China (11/21/99)
Eric's Trip to Beijing '95
  A classic article on Eric's experience (2/16/00)
Beijing Wushu Team 2000
  Photos of Their Most Recent Visit (4/12/00)
Beijing Invitational 2000
  Photos from the Beijing International
  Invitational Comeptetition (9/10/00)

Beijing Team in Xiamen 2000
  As part of my trip to China in Dec 2000,
  my visit to the BJ Team training in Fujian (5/18/01)

9th All China Games
  Results and Coverage of China's biggest
  wushu competition (9/05/01)

2002 China Competition Rules
  Changes in the Competition format and judging
  rules for Chinese competitions (11/29/02)

So You Want to Train in Beijing?
  The Why, Why Not, How
  and How Much (10/12/03)

So You Want to Move to China?
  'Living and Training in China' by Da Wei
  Should You Do It? How do you do it? (5/20/04)

Beijing Team News & Results
  News and Results of China's
  Wushu Competitions (10/05/04)

US and International Wushu
2005 UC Berkeley Tournament
  No Joke - Berkeley's April Tournament
Means Serious Competition (5/19/05)
2004 US Wushu Union Nationals
  Pictures from Pittsburgh(8/23/04)
2004 Arnold Classic
  Review and Pictures by Y and DJ(5/4/04)
2004 UC Berkeley Tournament
  Pics and links from the premiere US wushu event (4/11/04)
2003 US Team Fundraiser
 We helped send members of the '03 US Team
  to the 7th World Games in Macau! (10/12/03)

2002 UC Berkeley Tournament
  Pics and Vids from the Masters Demo (6/18/02)
2001 East Asian Games Results
  Including discussion by Wu Bin (12/22/01)
2001 US Team Trials Pictures
  From 9th Berkeley Tournament (4/28/01)
New Compulsories and World Games
  Wu Lin Magazine article translation of
  interview with Wu Bin on new sets
  and the future of wushu (1/13/00)

2000 Pan Am Games in Brazil
  Pictures and Results (7/27/00)
1999 World Games Results
  From the 5th World Wushu Games in Hong Kong
1999 US Team Fundraiser
 We helped send members of the '99 US Team
  to the 5th World Games in HK! (12/28/99)

1997 World Games Results and US Team Fundraiser
 The 4th World Wushu Games Results and
 our fundraiser for the '97 US Team to go to Rome!

Orlando Tournament
  Pictures from Chan Pui's (7/18/00)
2000 Phoenix Tournament
  Brief review of Li Jinheng's event (9/26/00)
1999 Phoenix Tournament
  Pictures and summary of
  Li Jinheng's competition (9/9/99)

1999 CAAT Tournament
  A Brief Report from this SF Bay
  Area Tournament (1/19/00)

1998 WKF Nationals Results
  Pictures from Baltimore (8/17/98)
Lily Lau Tournament
  Lily Lau's 1998 Eagle Cup Tournament
  Pictures from this SF Tournament (7/10/98)

Collegiate Wushu
History of Collegiate Wushu
  Review of Collegiate Wushu in America (8/21/00)
8th Intercollegiate Wushu Championships
  Photos and links from 2004 Collegiates (2/22/04)
6th Intercollegiate Wushu Championships
  Photos and links from 2002 Collegiates (7/02/02)
5th Intercollegiate Wushu Championships
  Registration and Rules for 2001's
  intercollegiate competition (2/10/01)
4th Intercollegiate Wushu Championships
  Brief article on 2000 Collegiates (5/30/00)
3rd Intercollegiate Wushu Championships
  Review of 1999 Collegiates
  and Magic Mountain trip (2/24/99)

2nd Intercollegiate Wushu Championships
  Results from the 1998 Collegiates

Shaolin Monk Tour?
 Exposing the Shaolin scam (11/30/00)
Rush Hour Review
 Review of Jackie's hit (9/15/98)
Rush Hour 2 Review
 Review of Jackie's latest! (7/26/01)
Enter The Dragon 25th
Anniversary Rerelease

  Brandon reports on the premiere party
  for Bruce Lee's Classic (7/27/98)

Jet Li Articles
'My Instructor Wu Bin'
by Jet Li(?)

  Did Jet Write This?
Fists of Legend and Fury
  What Can we Learn from Jet and Bruce
  by Glenn Omatsu (9/11/98)

Jet Li in Person!
  Meeting Jet (6/10/98)
Jet Li is Lethal
  Review of the Jet in Lethal Weapon 4
  and his first US TV Appearances (7/30/98)

Photos, Features, Misc.
Wushu Pictures
  Wushu Practioners in Action
Wushu Video Clips
  Movies of Wushu from China (5/16/03)
Animated Wushu
  See the Compulsory Forms
Action CAM
  Sequential Photos of Wushu (10/08/99)
Famous Wushu People
  The Famous Stars and Raffi (2/02/02)
Raffi's Random Photo!
  inFrequently updated pictures of
  random stuff! (04/17/04)

Trips to China, other random stuff
My Trip to China 2000
  What I saw on my trip to Southern China
  including a visit to the BJ Team (5/18/01)

My Trip to China 2002
  What I saw on my 4th trip, including
  Guilin, The 3 Gorges, etc (3/22/02)

My Trip to China 2003
  My trip to see a Professional
  Sanda Wang Fight in China!(8/23/04)

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09/15/98 - Sneak Preview of Rush Hour
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01/13/00 - New Compulsory/Worlds article
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02/16/00 - Eric's China Trip article
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07/18/00 - Orlando pictures up
07/27/00 - Pan Am pictures up
08/22/00 - Collegiates History Up
09/10/00 - BJ Invitational Pics Up
09/26/00 - 2000 Arizona tourney updated
11/30/00 - Shaolin Tour Expose updated
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04/10/02 - History of Beijing Team Article
05/15/02 - Star Wars Video on News
06/02/02 - Zhang Ziyi pics on News
06/18/02 - 2002 UCB masters demo up!
07/01/02 - 2002 Collegiates photos up
11/28/02 - China Competition Rules Article up!
05/16/03 - New Oldschool clip on video page!
10/12/03 - Training in China article updated
02/22/04 - 2004 Collegiates photos up
04/11/04 - 2004 Berkeley Tournament pics up
05/04/04 - 2004 Arnold article up
05/20/04 - Living in China article up
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10/05/04 - China Nationals results on BJ News
01/26/05 - Instructors Directory updated
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05/19/05 - 2005 Berkeley Tournament article!
04/09/07 - News Page updated!

What is Wushu?

[Wu] [International
Wushu Superstar - Jet Li] Among China's well kept secrets, one caught the imagination of Americans - Chinese wushu. Wushu is an important component of the cultural heritage of China, with a rich content that has remained untarnished over the centuries. Literally translated, "wu" is military, "shu" is art. Wushu therefore means the art of fighting, or martial arts.

Previously, wushu figured significantly in the simple matter of survival through China's many wars and political upheaval. Today, wushu has been organized and systematized into a formal branch of study in the performance arts by the Chinese. It reigns as the most poular national sport in the country of 1.1 billion people, practiced by the young and old alike. It's emphasis has shifted from combat to performance, and it is practiced for its method of achieving heath, self-defense skills, mental discipline, recreational pursuit and competition.

To describe wushu, it is best to understand the philosophy of its teaching. Every movement must exhibit sensible combat application and aestheticism. The wealth of wushu's content, the beauty of wushu movents, the difficulty factor, and the scientific training methods are the song of the elements that set wushu apart from martial arts. Routines are performed solo, paired or in groups, either barehanded or armed with traditional Chinese weaponry. In short, wushu is the most exciting martial art to be seen, felt, and ultimately practiced.

How is wushu related to kung fu and taijiquan? "Wushu" is the correct term for all Chinese martial arts therefore kung fu and wushu were originally the same. During the last thirty years, wushu in Mainland China was modernized so that there could be a universal standard for training and competing. In essence, much emphasis has been placed on speed, difficulty, and presentation. Consequently, wushu has become an athletic and aesthetic performance and competitive sport, while "kung fu" or traditional wushu remains the traditional fighting practice. Taijiquan is a major division of wushu, utilizing the bodies internal energy or "chi" and following the simple principle of "subduing the vigorous by the soft."

Although still in budding stages in many countries, wushu is an established international sport. In 1990, wushu was inducted as an official medal event in the Asian Games. Since then World Championships have taken place with 56 nations participating. Wushu is also vying for the Olympic games in the 21st century.

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