2000 Pan Am Games in Brazil

Photos by Phillip Chen (7/27/00)

The following are some photos from the 2000 Pan Am games, held in Brazil in June 2000. The pictures are courtesy of Phillip Chen, a member of the US Team. I've tried to be as complete as possible in identifying everyone in the pictures, please email me (Raffi) if you can help out.

As far as results go - I got the following US Team results from Phillip shortly after the competition, and have added some more results I got from Luciano -

Anita Lopez (US) - first longfist, first straightsword, first spear
Deborah Yang (US) - first taiji, first taiji straight sword
Vraja Grover (US) - first nanquan, first nangun, fifth broadsword

Phillip Chen (US) - second nanquan, first nandao, second nangun
Ken Glynn (US) - first taiji and first taiji straight sword
Alan Tang (Canada) - first nanquan, first straightsword, first spear
Marvin (Canada) - first changquan, first broadsword, first staff
Rick Sueh (Canada) - second nandao
Christian Meaurio (Argentina) - third longfist, second straightsword, third staff

Alan Tang got Men's All-Around.

Photos -

The US Team attending the Pan Am Games - back row is Anita Lopez and Deborah Yang, front row is Vraja Grover, Phillip Chen and Ken Glynn.

Phillip and Canadian Team member Alan Tang.

Phillip along with members of the Brazillian Wushu Team

The Canadian Wushu Team attending the competition.

Phillip and an unidentified Capoeira Maestro posing.


Results from Men's Nan Dao

Phillip Chen competing in Nan Gun, which he took second place

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