Beijing Wushu Team '95 Tour

The Beijing Wushu Team, China's champion Wushu Team, came to the US in 1995 to perform on the West Coast, sponsored by the National Wushu Training Center of Huntington Beach, CA. We hosted them for two performances, one in SF and another here at UC Berkeley. Here are some photos taken by myself and others of these performances. Many of the team members that came in '95 have retired or moved on to other things, but many are still active competitors, hopefully we'll see them in the US again soon.

I got a bunch more pictures of the '95 performances from Robert Wong. These photos were taken from off stage using a much better camera than my original photos which were on this page for several years. I have therefore divided this page into several sub-pages to make viewing easier, please choose one of the following:

[Photo by Robert 
Wushu Basics - The Beijing Team demonstrates wushu's acrobatic jump kicks.

Wushu Weapons - Wushu's myriad of exotic weaponry is demonstrated.

Group Sets - Teamwork and precision is demonstrated through group forms.

Sparring Sets Barehand fighting techniques and Weapons applications are demonstrated.

Behind The Scenes - candid shots of the athletes and their American hosts.

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