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Are you going to Collegiates Nov 9 2002 at UC Berkeley?

Definitely! I'll be there as part of a team from my college/university: 21%
Definitely! I'll be there as an individual competitor from my college/university: 10%
I would if I were a college student!: 20%
I would if I were living in North America (and were a college student)!: 10%
No Way! Collegiates is a 'baby tournament' full of e-fleas!: 13%
What's collegiates?: 4%
Even though I can't compete, I'm going to go and watch!: 8%
If I could scrape up the money, I would totally go, since I heard its awesome.: 13%

Total Votes: 141


Which locale would you prefer for the 2003 World Games?

China: 19%
Russia: 3%
Yugoslavia: 3%
Singapore: 9%
Japan: 18%
South America: 4%
North America: 31%
Africa: 1%
Australia: 11%

Total Votes: 309


If you could travel to any city for a good national level wushu competition, which would it be?

Las Vegas: 19% [State of] Hawaii: 14% Denver: 4% Phoenix: 10% Seattle: 3% Miami, Orlando or somewhere in Florida: 5% San Diego: 5% Los Angeles: 6% New York City: 11% Washington DC: 6% Boston: 3% San Francisco: 15% Total Votes: 217


(ha, slightly shorter this time!)

All Visitors, please answer this question, tell us who you are!

I'm a regular visitor, I post/reply all the time: 9%
I'm a regular visitor, I post/reply occasionally: 21%
I'm a regular visitor, I've posted/replied a couple times: 26%
I'm a regular visitor, but I never post/reply to a message: 17%
I've visited a few times: 11%
This is my first time here: 11%
This is my first and last time here, this place sucks: 3%
I like that kungfu message board more than this one, no one ever
  challenges anyone to a fight here!: 3%

Total Votes: 226

8/2/00 - 2/23/01

(opps, long time no change!) :)

Are you planning on going to the WKF Nationals in San Diego in October?

Yes, definitely. Looks awesome!: 32%
I'm hoping I can go.: 11%
I want to, but its too far away.: 13%
I want to, but I'm not advanced enough.: 4%
I'm going to go, but just to watch.: 4%
No way! I'm going to the festival in Baltimore!: 11%
No way! I'm not going to no stinkin' competitions.: 10%
None of the above.: 14%

Total Votes: 161

5/30/00 - 8/1/00

What was your favorite part of Shanghai Noon?

The fighting with the Indians: 7% The bathtub part: 29% The fighting in the train: 1% The scene outside of the teepee: 2% Escaping from the jail: 0% The "Cowboy training" scene: 3% The fight in the Mission: 10% The fight scene with the marshalls (rope dart, et al): 29% The barroom brawl: 3% The part where Jackie murders the Princess(opps, sorry for the spoiler!): 8% The nice tidy ending that leads right into Jackie's next film Shanghai Noon II - More Fish-out-of-water Fun!: 7% Total Votes: 87

3/23/00 - 5/29/00

What do you think about Jet Li's latest, Romeo Must Die?

I loved it! A cinematic tour d'force!: 7% I loved it! I rushed out to buy the soundtrack right after the movie!: 6% A good job for Jet's first American lead!: 28% It was a good popcorn movie.: 7% I'm glad I only paid for a matinee!: 0% I enjoyed the action, but was looking for the fast forward button the rest of the time.: 11% Why was everyone flying?: 21% Oh man, it was so boring! Too much talking between the ass kicking!: 3% I hope the script writer got his spine x-ray crushed too for that job!: 4% I've been waiting 5 years for more Russell Wong! I am in heaven!: 2% I can't wait for Romeo Must Die II - The Wrath of Kai: 5% I haven't seen it yet.: 8% Total Votes: 119

1/20/00 - 2/20/00

Are you going to Collegiates this February 12th at Stanford?

Of course! My school will be there with a team (or several): 21% Of course! My school will have individual competitors there!: 4% Of course! I'm the only one from my school going, but I'll be there!: 2% I wish I could, but I'm hoping to go next year!: 6% If I were still in college I'd be there! But I already graduated :( : 6% I'm not in college yet, but when I am, I'll be there!: 13% I don't live in the US, but if I did, I'd go!: 8% I don't want to go, you guys suck.: 15% I am going to watch.: 4% I am going to help out: 6% I wish I could go, but I can't make it.: 10% What's collegiates? I don't understand!: 4% Total Votes: 48

12/25/99 - 1/20/00

Do you feel Wushu Athletes have the right to be involved in the decisions of their National Wushu Federation?

Yes, of course! It should be a representative democracy.: 74% Yes, otherwise they will just line their pockets.: 11% No, I completely trust the leaders.: 0% This poll is completely unscientific, I refuse to participate.: 15% Total Votes: 65

11/12/99 - 12/24/99

Did Hong Kong do better than it should have at Worlds?

Yes, definitely!: 44% No way! They deserved every medal they won.: 19% I don't know.: 37% Total Votes: 62

10/15/99 - 11/12/99

Are you going to the World Games in HK in November?

Yup, I'm competing on my county's team: 11% Yup, I'm going to watch and cheer on my country's team: 8% Yup, I'm going to watch and not cheer on my countries team: 0% Nope, I'm angry I didn't make my country's team: 3% Nope, I'm too poor to go, but I wish I could: 35% Nope, I'm too busy to go, but I wish I could: 18% Nope, I'm not too poor but I don't want to go!: 3% Maybe I'll show up: 5% I'm going to be in HK, but I don't plan on going: 0% I live in HK anyway.: 2% Who needs to go, we already know who's going to win!: 10% I don't believe in competitions...: 5% Total Votes: 62

10/2/99 - 10/14/99

What is your favorite part of wushu class?

Stretching: 6% Basics: 14% Jump kicks: 40% Sets: 29% Conditioning: 2% The end when I get to go home: 10% Total Votes: 63

9/13/99 - 10/1/99

What is your favorite 'Other Weapon' to practice?

Whip Chain: 21%
Double Broadswords: 13%
Double Straightswords: 6%
Horse Chopper: 10%
Three Section Staff: 13%
Rope Dart: 16%
Double Hooks: 2%
Monkey Staff: 8%
Double Daggers: 5%
Long Tassel Straightsword: 3%
Ermei daggers: 5%

Total Votes: 63

5/5/99 - 9/12/99

How many students in your wushu class?

I train by myself :( : 6%
I only take private lessons with a teacher, so the answer is one.: 7%
Less than 5: 5%
Between 5 and 10 on average: 28%
10 to 15 on average: 20%
15 to 20 on average: 10%
20+ people per class: 16%
None of your f-in' business. Why are you spying on my wushu class?!?: 9%

Total Votes: 120

4/9/99 - 5/5/99

How many times a week do you practice?

Less than one: 2%
Two times: 8%
Three times: 8%
Four times: 6%
Five times: 25%
Six times:17%
Seven times:2%
Eight or more times: 17%
None, I don't practice at all: 0
F-you, trying to spy on me!: 11%
I am in a constant state of excercise: 6%

Total Votes: 53

3/24/99 - 4/9/99

Where do you live?

Northern California: 32%
Southern California: 12%
Western US: 12%
Eastern US: 13%
Midwest: 17%
Canada: 5%
Central and South America: 0%
Europe: 8%
East Asia: 0%
Australia: 0%
Other: 2%

Total Votes: 60

3/14/99 - 3/24/99

What was your favorite part of the Beijing Wushu Team performance in Berkeley

Terracotta Warriors: 0%
Bagua Zhang: 11%
Straightsword: 8%
Arnold Demo: 17%
Group Double Broadsword: 6%
Li Jing and Greg vs. sparring set: 19%
Eagle Claw: 14%
Basics: 11%
Weapons Sparring Sets: 8%
Drunken Straightsword: 0%
Weapon Basics: 3%
Raffi giving out flowers: 3%

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